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A Valuable Marketing Decision

A Valuable Marketing Decision

Varsity Place called Online eBusiness Solutions to help increase its Student Apartment Rentals. Marketing to Millennials is always a daunting task, because they are more savvy than other demographics about advertising directed at them.


So long story short, we decided to change the paradigm as it relates to a process that is often considered nerve racking when attempting to find an apartment.

We invited students looking for apartments next to the University of New Hampshire and Marshall University to “ENJOY Your Apartment Search” and our admonition or marketing message was, “Finding An Apartment Should Be An Enjoyable Experience.”

Varsity Place Student Housing Rentals


Cost is always a huge factor, real estate companies do not have a lot of money to throw at failed marketing campaigns, so we utilized Google AdWords Video Campaign and set a budget as low as 3 cents per view and carefully segmented our audience to only include Zip Codes directly around the University and 18 – 24 year old students.

In the next several weeks the video had over 20,000 views and a significant portion of those views were FREE, because they didn’t reach the 25% viewing threshold…but Impressions mean a great deal when generating Brand Awareness.

I made my first cameo on the video at 0:15, with “Varsity Place.” It just so happens that the video had another 20,000 views pinpointed at the real estate company’s target audience, when the ran it the following year.


Creating a low-cost video, that highlights your marketing message, is significantly cheaper than static ads
Keep your ads direct and to the point
When you want quick market penetration, Google AdWords is the way to go