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A Website’s Analytics is Equivalent to a Body’s DNA

A Website’s Analytics is Equivalent to a Body’s DNA

I am asked to review a lot of websites these days and the surprised look in response to me asking them for their Analytics login credentials instead of their website’s domain address is very telling.

Perhaps it could show they put a little too much focus on design, coloration and layout than they are actually engaging their target audience. Design is subjective and actual data is factual. There is no way anyone can give a true assessment of a website without looking at the data. The proof of a website’s success is in the data.

Like the human body there are no two sites that will be exactly alike. Like identical twins some website share a lot of similar characteristics, but they’re still separate entities. We tend to make generalizations about which metrics are important and how metrics should look. The average bounce rate for a site I monitor is usually 82% and it’s healthy given the purpose of the site.

It is very important to measure the success of a marketing campaign with actual data to support your analysis. All of the principals involved should be collaborating around metrics that indicate the success or failure of a marketing plan.

There are times when I have to say an assumption about a particular marketing campaign didn’t pan out. Usually a few tweaks are necessary or a little more time is necessary, but there is no way to assess or pinpoint what you’re doing right if you’re not looking through the data.

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