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Bridging Traditional And New Media

Bridging Traditional And New Media

Dr. Mel Butler, CEO of Maker 2 Markets, a Marketing and Distribution company based in Baltimore, and a trailblazer and Civil Rights giant that continues to provide a awesome blend of community activism and organizing with his Faces Going Places 501(c)(3) organization in Baltimore. The radio airwaves still provides a great platform to reach listeners, along the east coast, with his Faces Going Places Radio Show, streaming live at https://wolbbaltimore.com.

Dr. Butler possesses one of the greatest marketing minds that this country has produced and continues to bridge traditional and new media with a stroke of brilliance. You wouldn’t have to listen long to get vital knowledge about ways to transform your business and even empower your life from the host and his many esteemed guests on the show.

“Much of Dr. Butler’s work started from the Technology and Commercialization Center that originally started at the Booker T. Washington Foundation in DC, before it was relocated to Baltimore in the 80s. His work has taken him across the country and even destinations around the globe. Few people can claim so many successful years in the marketing profession and even fewer people can claim the development of successful brands like the Hummer and even Hot Pockets in their portfolios.”

Online eBusiness Solutions is proud to partner with the public affairs radio show to promote the most ‘Informative Hour on Radio’ and the Internet, by providing information on civic involvement and community outreach.

The listening audience continues to grow, providing tremendous knowledge and helpful information about small business growth and by taking advantage of marketing channels like YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook Groups and the best marketing available, word of mouth.