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  • Advertising Migration To Digital

    Advertising Migration To Digital

    ShareInteresting graph on the migration of dollars from traditional media to digital. Standard Media Index tracked a growth of 16% in the U.S. from October to June. Both local and national television has taken the largest hit, with a drain of $1.1 billion from national TV ad dollars to $400 million in local TV and syndicate spending; followed by print ad d...

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  • Dover, NH is one of New England’s Fastest Growing Communities
  • Business Marketing Solutions For 2015

    Business Marketing Solutions For 2015

    ShareOnline eBusiness Solutions have used Comprehensive Marketing Strategies to expand market reach and maximize leads from Paid Advertising in New England. Online eBusiness Solutions, LLC Email: Discover@OeBS.us Phone: 603-842-2536 Toll Free: 1-800-742-0169 Internet: www.OeBS.us Brochure: http://bit.ly/18Fn28n Video: http://bit.ly/17TnO0y Connect With ...

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  • Do you use a Guiding Principle or Mission Statement?

    Do you use a Guiding Principle or Mission Statement?

    ShareIt occurred to me that a Guiding Principle would be more effective for our purposes than a Mission Statement when we started a business about ten years ago. First of all, a Guiding Principle goes into every business decision I’ve made and ever will going forward. I describe it as that angel on my shoulder. Here are the definitions online: Guiding Pri...

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  • Marketing Success Stories Start With A Single Hunch

    Marketing Success Stories Start With A Single Hunch

    ShareIn the planning process, when you’re sorting through all of the tools that will be deployed, any Marketer will tell you there is something special about a good hunch; when experience, skills and training converge to make you feel even giddy about your intuition about the potential for enormous success. I informed my client that we were not taking adv...

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