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Create An Effective Mobile Ad Strategy

Create An Effective Mobile Ad Strategy

Facebook mobile advertising sales has seen an increase of 39% in quarterly revenue due in part to its effectiveness at segmentation.

When Wendy’s rolled out its spicy chicken sandwich it relied on Facebook to target millennials who like spicy foods, with tremendous success.

Analysts estimate that users now spend an average of 46 minutes plus on Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger, so smart companies are now investing their ad dollars to capture this audience.

The enormous gains in mobile advertising have definitely been felt by our clients on the local level, especially with the college student demographic, since you can reach your target audience by age, gender, geographic location and interests.

Facebook reporting second-quarter revenue reached $4.04 billion, up from $2.91 billion in the same period a year earlier screams as to the effectiveness of their mobile ad tool.

We reported at the beginning of the month that, Facebook is stepping up their video monetization strategy. Now is definitely the time to start reaping the gains of Mobile Advertising. Receive a free evaluation of your mobile advertising strategy from Online eBusiness Solutions today.

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