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Digital Streaming Migration Presents Enormous Opportunities

Digital Streaming Migration Presents Enormous Opportunities

The thing about Digital Marketing is it’s hard not to learn something on a daily basis. There are always new trends and the marketing tools we play with are in a constant state of flux because markets change with varying tastes and appetites; or in other words supply and demand.

I’ve become much more astute about markets that I track through automated reports that send data to me by the hour. Every now and then, I am in awe with the development of the content on YouTube and its ability to attract billions of viewers who prefer streaming video over channel chasing.

My reports indicate that some interesting trends and insights in the digital streaming world are:

Digital Streaming Migration Presents Enormous Opportunities

  • Gardeners are radical in their pursuit of learning better techniques to grow things. The online community is their oasis and a meeting ground to connect with the like-minded. And some gardeners go ‘cuckoo’ for Daylilies.
  • I also learned about the Dragon Ball Z ‘Light of Hope’s’ popular science fiction episodes and the creative team’s ability to crowd-source each show online. There is a tremendous organic following which includes a lot of Millennials escaping network and cable viewing.
  • On college campuses around the country…iFunny is quite funny and is very popular for sharing. The content has many very short anecdotal photos and jokes that students consume.
  • In the entertainment world, Kevin Hart is popular and his copied content on YouTube is yielding enormous success among Google AdWord advertisers in some market segments.

Kevin Hart Copied YouTube Content


We rely on open-sourced tools to reach brand advocates who help to expand market reach. Some of you use advertising through Facebook or Google AdWords to get your message out there on a consistent basis, and I’m sure you’ve learned it is increasingly more costly to promote your product or service because there’s a premium on reaching audiences outside of your pre-defined networks.

My team at Online eBusiness Solutions utilizes the popular social platforms when necessary for our clients, but if it’s your sole means for getting out information about your brand or services, then chances are there’s a significant portion of your market that is not being engaged with your messaging and/or competitors are serving that niche.

I believe our team’s success hinges on a strategy based on concepts that I call the three C’s;

  • Being Comprehensive in your approach from the onset
  • Being Consistent in perfecting the messages about your Brand
  • And utilizing Concerted efforts to bridge both the digital and offline worlds to reach your audience

This digital streaming migration presents an enormous opportunity for the information and the value proposition for a particular brand and it starts with being passionate about learning.

Thoughts that a marketer wakes up with in the morning are finding the next best marketing ‘solution’ and the fun in the pursuit thereof.

It is very exciting learning about that innovative tools and channels to reach your target audience and most importantly when you’ve found that needle in a haystack market segment along with habits and behavior models.

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Vern Nicholson has pioneered comprehensive Digital Marketing Campaigns that utilizes SEO, Social Media Engagement, Content Management and Ad Placement. He continues to demonstrate an enormous capacity to execute and manage advertising campaigns to drive audience engagement and increase revenue opportunities for the world’s leading brands.

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