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Do you use a Guiding Principle or Mission Statement?

Do you use a Guiding Principle or Mission Statement?

It occurred to me that a Guiding Principle would be more effective for our purposes than a Mission Statement when we started a business about ten years ago. First of all, a Guiding Principle goes into every business decision I’ve made and ever will going forward. I describe it as that angel on my shoulder.

Here are the definitions online:

Guiding Principle: an idea that influences you very much when making a decision or considering a matter – Cambridge Dictionaries Online

Mission Statement: a statement of the purpose of a company, organization or person, its reason for existing. – Wikipedia

My impression on Mission Statement was there to old fogey. They’re usually pinned up on a wall and ignored. I instituted several Guiding Principles and started every presentation off with what it wase. We condensed it into our ‘Three C’s’ (Comprehensive, Consistent and Concerted Efforts) and then went on to describe what each word meant for my business with enormous success.

So this is my discussion for my LinkedIn group. Is it Guiding Principle or Mission Statement or both?

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