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Future of Search Engines and A.I. Powered Personal Assistants

Future of Search Engines and A.I. Powered Personal Assistants

Dan Kaplan (@dankaplan) gives us a very insightful piece in the latest Tech Crunch article about “Facebook’s Messenger And The Challenge To Google’s Search Dominance.” We get a glimpse into the future of search engines and A.I. powered personal assistants.

We also get a futuristic look at how most of the information that we manually query search engines for being served to us based on user habits.

If we’ve ordered pizza on Friday for the last three weeks we’ll receive a notification on the fourth Friday with a list of our favorite restaurants along with tidbits on value and pricing.

There are two great scenarios on “The upcoming flight” and “The car repair” that you should take a look at. Dan goes on to point out several technologies that are commonly in use today: Apple Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Slack’s Slackbot among them.

The article was posted 9 hours before I read it, but considering the fact that he totally ignores Android incorporating a lot of the A.I. mentioned in the article, I thought the article was posted several years ago.

Of all the technologies he talked about, Alphabet’s search division, called Google, has the most effective tools for Maps, Calendar, Events and a SERP that already highlights business hours and costs that can easily be perfected for A.I..

We’ve seen glimpses of this in touching Google/Android Ads with the kid rushing home from college to see a sick pet and getting his train itinerary (couldn’t find the video) and a boatload of other commercials. My take is that Facebook has a lot of catching up to do to acquire the massive amounts of user search data to be considered a threat.

What we can’t ignore is the inquisitive mind. Google is a verb because humans are wired to search for information. A.I. around our calendar and daily patterns will take decades to catch up to knowing that we want to understand the intricate details around certain documentaries that we watch and new products that we want to acquire. A.I. can’t read our minds and when it starts to dictate and control what we should think, hopefully I’ll be long gone.

Overall it’s a great article about where search is headed and yes, Google will have to evolve over time and we’ll look back on typing a query into a search field and seeing a bunch of hyperlinks on a web page as being a tedious and time consuming task one of these days.

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