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Key Facebook Advertising Indicators For The Holiday Season

Key Facebook Advertising Indicators For The Holiday Season

The countdown to the holiday shopping season has already started for companies across the country. Even Santa Claus might agree that a comprehensive digital marketing campaign, with Facebook’s enhanced features, makes perfect sense before Black Friday 2015.

Look for Facebook to continue to be the preeminent source for brand reviews and research this holiday season. They will leverage this with a better advertising platform to target consumers making the critical purchase decisions.

Facebook presents a very compelling package for small businesses across the country. In a nutshell, it’s a force to be reckoned with compared to similar services like Yelp and yes, even Google.

George Anders (@GeorgeAnders) gives us a very startling description of Facebook’s surge in providing a robust platform for storefronts and small businesses across the country, at Yelp’s expense in his Forbes’ Tech September 9, 2015 article, “Facebook’s Cheery New ‘Pages’ May Leave Yelp Sobbing.”

In Anders forecast he describes Yelp lowering its growth targets for 2015 and their shares are down more than 50% in 2015. You don’t have to tell savvy agencies in the advertising world why this phenomenon is occurring.

GoDigital reported Facebook leading the pack when it comes to researching products.

GoDigital Facebook Report

Facebook is sucking up a great deal of market share in incorporating a lot of the services that Yelp provides; namely fellow shopper reviews that are critical in consumers making purchase decisions.
Consumers are relying on their peers when it comes to making the necessary purchase decision and this will undoubtfully increase as we move into the holiday season.

The big edge would have to go to Facebook in terms of market penetration, to which Yelp is only registering 35% on the Richter meter. Facebook’s app is on everyone’s cell phone.
Our clients at Online eBusiness Solutions are more than satisfied with the ease of use, the clarity in market segmentation and overall market penetration that comes with Facebook’s Advertising Platform.

Google has activated a call center to contact its AdWords customers across the country in an attempt to shore-up the loss in market share to Facebook. The question with AdWords has always been about simplicity and Facebook has given us the overwhelming edge in that category.

We’ve been talking about the race for video for some time. Companies must take advantage of this massive consumer migration to video. Content has to be repackaged to target the trillions of hours of video consumption. Facebook is working with content providers to compete with YouTube. Relevant and sticky content will increase video viewership and then eventually advertising channels to follow.

Facebook consistently leverages it tremendous user base to evolve with more meaningful tools for small business. As Facebook’s chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg points out, not every business can build their own app to target mobile user, but Facebook continues to make effective digital tools accessible.

If you’re a small business or store front a great stocking stuffer and cost effective approach to marketing would have to be understanding some of the vital digital marketing tools to leap your brand and/or services above the competition.

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