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Media Idee’s Spectacular Health & Beauty Ads

Media Idee’s Spectacular Health & Beauty Ads

Spectacular advertising feats from Media Idee Films, the company that brought you the first health and wellness store at Amazon.com.

MI Films gives us a spectacular display of visually captivating brand promotions of the world’s leading health and beauty products. Every intricate detail illuminates the product with spell-binding graphic displays.

Solid productions from MI Productions make brands larger than life through world class visual effects, production and animations for TV Commercials, feature films and especially cost-effective Advertising Placements across the web in streaming videos.

MI Films seeks to expand it’s media and communications portfolio throughout North America with its new venture Media Idee, USA; their creative genius and production experience with the world’s leading Brands places them in a great position.

Vern Nicholson has pioneered comprehensive Digital Marketing Campaigns that utilizes SEO, Social Media Engagement, Content Management and Ad Placement.

He continues to demonstrate an enormous capacity to execute and manage advertising campaigns to drive audience engagement and increase revenue opportunities for the world’s leading brands.

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