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  • Bridging Traditional And New Media

    Bridging Traditional And New Media

    ShareDr. Mel Butler, CEO of Maker 2 Markets, a Marketing and Distribution company based in Baltimore, and a trailblazer and Civil Rights giant that continues to provide a awesome blend of community activism and organizing with his Faces Going Places 501(c)(3) organization in Baltimore. The radio airwaves still provides a great platform to reach listeners, ...

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  • A Valuable Marketing Decision

    A Valuable Marketing Decision

    ShareVarsity Place called Online eBusiness Solutions to help increase its Student Apartment Rentals. Marketing to Millennials is always a daunting task, because they are more savvy than other demographics about advertising directed at them. MARKETING MESSAGE So long story short, we decided to change the paradigm as it relates to a process that is often con...

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  • Your Business Can Afford An Effective Super Bowl Ad

    Your Business Can Afford An Effective Super Bowl Ad

    ShareSo, your company doesn’t have the budget to launch a Super Bowl ad on Fox this year? No problem, a more effective and measurable ad should be narrowly directed at your target audience among the millions of viewers watching the event worldwide. Getting your ad placed on the many articles, blog posts and videos referencing the Super Bowl requires a cou...

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  • A Great Advertising Feature In Google AdWords

    A Great Advertising Feature In Google AdWords

    ShareKnowing where your ads appear could be crucial in pinpointing the right target audience and the most fertile areas for growth. With Google AdWords’ Location feature you can analyze how well your ads are showing in specific Zip Codes, Major Universities, Cities, Airports and several other geographical areas. Online eBusiness Solutions recommend ...

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