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  • Future of Search Engines and A.I. Powered Personal Assistants

    Future of Search Engines and A.I. Powered Personal Assistants

    ShareDan Kaplan (@dankaplan) gives us a very insightful piece in the latest Tech Crunch article about “Facebook’s Messenger And The Challenge To Google’s Search Dominance.” We get a glimpse into the future of search engines and A.I. powered personal assistants. We also get a futuristic look at how most of the information that we manually query se...

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  • Mainstream Growth of Digital Video Consumers
  • Marketing Process

    Marketing Process

    ShareIf you tell your team we need an effective Marketing Strategy, your team might instinctively offer up some opinions based on marketing tools and past campaigns for the occasion. Saying we need an effective Marketing Process might intuitively denote real work, components and maybe even tested and proven marketing channels tailored for your target audie...

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  • Advertising Migration To Digital

    Advertising Migration To Digital

    ShareInteresting graph on the migration of dollars from traditional media to digital. Standard Media Index tracked a growth of 16% in the U.S. from October to June. Both local and national television has taken the largest hit, with a drain of $1.1 billion from national TV ad dollars to $400 million in local TV and syndicate spending; followed by print ad d...

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  • Media Idee’s Spectacular Health & Beauty Ads

    Media Idee’s Spectacular Health & Beauty Ads

    ShareSpectacular advertising feats from Media Idee Films, the company that brought you the first health and wellness store at Amazon.com. MI Films gives us a spectacular display of visually captivating brand promotions of the world’s leading health and beauty products. Every intricate detail illuminates the product with spell-binding graphic displays...

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