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Real Estate

  • Hudson Row Apartments in Poughkeepsie, NY

    OEBS performed the impossible in one of the most challenging real estate markets in the Poughkeepsie Area outside of New York City.
  • Wildcat Hill Housing Development

    One of South Boston’s exclusive development locations trusted OEBS with creatives and a Internet Advertising Campaign
  • Perry Brokerage Commercial Real Estate In Boston

    Real Estate Development Group A.W. Perry spun off their property management division Perry Brokerage Commercial Real Estate and boosted retail and office leasing in Boston’s Financial District and South Boston. Executives requested a content manage site to manage in-house and an advertising campaign to boost brand awareness amongst competing brands and messaging  in Boston’s real estate community with […]
  • Varsity Capital – Student Housing Investors

    Varsity Capital – Student Housing Investors near Marshall University and University of New Hampshire Campuses were able to DOUBLE MARKET PENETRATION AND ACHIEVE 100% OCCUPANCY with increased QUALIFIED LEADS! Online eBusiness Solutions worked with the team at Varsity to create a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Campaign for the University Student demographic. We’ve learned, over the last 5 […]

    Internet Advertising Campaign for the Durham Landlord Association, launched via Social Media and Google AdWords, was a smashing success. The campaign went on to generate significant market penetration and engage the student housing demographic in Durham, NH.