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Significantly Increase Sales With Old Email Lists

Significantly Increase Sales With Old Email Lists

Let’s face it a lot of businesses acquired email lists of past or potential customers from online inquiries, past promotions and events. What if there was another way of effectively targeting those email lists without sending them boring emails that end up getting unopened and deleted?

Well, the solution for effectively targeting stale email lists has arrived in a huge way! A lot of you are familiar with Google AdWords and are leery about using it because the process of finding the right audience is a little complicated.

Google AdWords New Customer Matching Feature

Present Promotions To Your Email List Wherever They Are Online
Introducing Google AdWords’ Customer Match program. Let our team utilize your existing list(s) to target matches across the entire web for promotions and especially upcoming holiday offers.  We’ve consistently created award winning campaigns with Google AdWords and this feature will only enhance what we do.

Now you’re not attempting to market to random web browsers that are not familiar with your brand. Marketing to existing clients significantly increases conversions and you can simultaneously advertise to groups that are very similar to your customers as well.

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