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  • Bridging Traditional And New Media

    Bridging Traditional And New Media

    ShareDr. Mel Butler, CEO of Maker 2 Markets, a Marketing and Distribution company based in Baltimore, and a trailblazer and Civil Rights giant that continues to provide a awesome blend of community activism and organizing with his Faces Going Places 501(c)(3) organization in Baltimore. The radio airwaves still provides a great platform to reach listeners, ...

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  • Advertising Migration To Digital

    Advertising Migration To Digital

    ShareInteresting graph on the migration of dollars from traditional media to digital. Standard Media Index tracked a growth of 16% in the U.S. from October to June. Both local and national television has taken the largest hit, with a drain of $1.1 billion from national TV ad dollars to $400 million in local TV and syndicate spending; followed by print ad d...

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