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Why Did You Abandon SEO?

Why Did You Abandon SEO?

I like to say Search Engine Optimization is still a very handy tool in the tool box and you could be ignoring some very essential marketing channels to boost brand recognition and increase sales.

Yes there was a time when Social Media was limited to discussion groups about various topics. During that time Search Engine Optimization reigned supreme. When Google emerged from Yahoo’s shadow it became the behemoth that it is today. The entire World Wide Web started to evolve around search. We had an insatiable appetite to Google.

Today Google is but a tool in a toolbox of many marketing channels to get your message out there, but I’m writing this article to let you know that it is still the most effective component of an effective Internet Marketing Plan. If a product goes online why you shouldn’t consider the most optimal search position if you’re competitors are taking full advantage of the opportunity.

No, you can’t load your blog posts with tags and expect to catapult to the top of the search heap. SEO requires a sustained effort of producing the right content and marketing message.

I would have to say this to my fellow marketing colleagues on various LinkedIn groups, don’t let artificial privacy issues deter your SEO strategy. I say artificial because some, and not all, of these privacy issues were injected by competing search engines to topple Google. Microsoft’s ‘Scroogle’ campaign was laughable. It raised no serious issues other than showcasing their desperation.

The Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is a global platform where information about your brand or about the product or services you provide are queried by the minute. For me it was something to be very enthusiastic about. I peered through all the information I could possibly gather about search back in the late 90’s to discover a resource that have provided me an enormous gateway to launch ideas.

To be frank, some Internet Marketing professionals have conveniently left out information about search because it holds them accountable in many ways. How do you gauge the success of your Internet marketing campaign in most cases if the data does not reflect an increase in search sessions? I like to tell my clients that the proof is in the data.

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